Rocker SS/Geared/29/27.5+ Frame

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"Clean, simple, and aggressive.... fully capable of slaying the ups and downs." – Rob L.

Rocker SS/Geared/29/27.5+

The choose-your-own-adventure frame

This product page is for ordering Rocker frames, not complete bikes.

One frame, endless possibilities. Singlespeed, Geared, 29, 27.5+, Belt, Chain. Let your imagination run wild and build the bike of your dreams.


Technical Information

Reynolds 853 DZB Tubing

Seamless Air-Hardening Heat-Treated Steel with Double Butted Zones. The benefits of air-hardening steels are particularly noticeable in the weld area where, unlike conventional steel alloys, strength can actually increase after cooling in air immediately after welding. 853 is heat-treated to give high strength and damage resistance, and the steel properties allow thin walls to be used, so that lower weight but fatigue-resistant structures can be made. The chemistry includes carbon, manganese, chrome, molybdenum, silicon, copper. The interaction between the alloys result in a fine grain structure that forms with air-cooling without the traditional “quenching” (fast cooling in water or oil) process. High strength from bainitic phase steel after a series of cold-working operations. Heat-treatment to the 853 specification raises the yield strength for the entire tube, increasing dent and impact resistance.

Gates CenterTrack

Next generation Carbon Drive System. Unique, super-strong, carbon-reinforced polyurethane system that requires no lube and provides a nearly silent ride. CenterTrack is stronger, lighter, more compact, and better at shedding debris than the prior Gates systems.

Dropout Modularity

Patented Kobe 2 Slider Dropouts allow belt-driven or chain-driven or geared configurations

Boost 148 Rear Spacing

New standard to allow better clearance for short seatstays and big tires, plus a better spoke bracing angle for stiffer wheels.

110 mm Front Spacing

Better spoke bracing angle for a stiffer front wheel.

30.9 mm Seattube

Larger diameter seattube than most steel frames allowing compatibility with more dropper posts available in the market.

Tapered Steerer and Headtube

Stiff steering handling up front.

Frame Size Small Medium Large X-Large
Effective Top Tube Length 22.7" 577mm 23.7" 601mm 24.6" 626mm 25.7" 652mm
Seat Tube Length 15" 381mm 17" 432mm 19" 483mm 21" 533mm
Head Angle 67.7°
Seat Angle 73.7°
Chainstay Length Min: 16.8" (427mm), Max: 17.8" (462mm), Shipped: 17.2" (436mm)
Head Tube + Integrated Headset 3.9" 100mm 4.3" 110mm 4.7" 120mm 5.1" 130mm
Stand-over 27.0" 685mm 27.0" 685mm 28.1" 713mm 29.1" 739mm
Bottom Bracket Height 12.2" 301mm
Bottom Bracket Drop 2.0" 52mm
Wheel Base 43.6" 1107mm 44.6" 1133mm 45.7" 1160mm 46.7" 1187mm
Reach 15.6" 397mm 16.5" 420mm 17.4" 442mm 18.3" 466mm
Stack 24.3" 617mm 24.7" 626mm 25.0" 635mm 25.4" 645mm
Rider Height 5'2" - 5'6" 5'7" - 5'10" 5'11" - 6'2" 6'3" - 6'7"
Rider Inseam 28" - 30" 28" - 32" 29" - 34" 35" - 38"

Mobile App for Android and iOS

Gates Carbon Drive is the high-tech belt drive offering for bicycles. Interested in key parameters of your drive like speed ratio or center distance? Want to know what belt lengths or sprocket sizes will fit your ride? What about comparing one bike to another to tweak your ratio perfectly? With our calculator and catalog, you can stay on top of the perfect setup for your drive.

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