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Ryve 100 29

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The Ryve 100 29

30 Day Guarantee - Have you seen the rider reviews? The RYVE 115 & 100 are charming XC and trail shredders alike! We’re so confident you’ll give it 5 stars we’re now offering a 30-day guarantee. If you don’t love it, send it back. We have all sizes, colors, and build kits in stock now. Shipping in as little as 2 days! Drop us a line if you any questions. We’d love to help you #ryveitup!

It’s race day—time to lay it all on the line. You’ve trained for months, sacrificed your time and body, worked on your hydration and diet and put yourself in the optimal position to succeed. When the gun goes off and you charge toward that first big climb, the last thing you want to worry about is whether to lock out your shock. Meet the Ryve 100, a marathon race rig with Spot’s Living Link™, a suspension platform that eliminates all doubt and unequivocally answers the “lockout” question with a resounding: No.

The Ryve 100 is the smaller-travel sibling of the Ryve 115. We took the best attributes of the 115 and fine-tuned them for racers who can do with a few mm less of suspension. The Ryve 100 is the pinnacle of lightweight, full-suspension carbon race rockets thanks to Living Link™, our proprietary system that couples a composite leaf spring with the main pivot. Living Link™ has been called the most efficient suspension design on the market. But don’t believe us; read the reviews.

The beauty of Living Link™ and what separates it from other designs on the market is that we engineered it specifically to be ridden wide open on climbs. Forget locking out. Don’t do it. Living Link™ is designed and tuned to deliver an energy boost over roots and rocks while climbing, which means you can stand and stomp with no efficiency loss. Quite the opposite. You get an efficiency gain. The composite leaf spring, paired with a Fox factory-tuned shock, has an anti-squat response that effectively stores the energy created when the suspension compresses. Then, as the leaf spring returns to its un-compressed state, Living Link™ releases this stored energy at the optimal time in the pedaling stroke. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever felt or ridden, and it will change the way you climb.

Living Link™ helps manage and diminish rider fatigue in the same way that larger volume tires do on modern road bikes. It helps you stay fresher longer, providing that extra margin of efficiency necessary for achieving a personal best or podium finish.

Our leaf spring has other benefits, too: It eliminates the most failure-prone cartridge bearings, decreasing maintenance while simultaneously increasing the frame’s lateral stiffness. Many bikes in this category use simplistic single-pivot suspension that are way too mushy and flexy—necessitating lockout. The Ryve 100’s Living Link™ delivers best-in-class suspension kinematics for trail-hugging efficiency and performance both up and down. Find out more about Living Link™ here.

Now a word on dropper posts: Many racers don’t run ‘em on their endurance race bikes. We spec a dropper on the Ryve 100 because races are just as often won on the descents, where you gap the competition. The dropper on the Ryve 100, combined with Living Link™, means you can descend faster and more confidently at maximum speeds. No more endos, nose wheelies or stomachs pressed to saddles. You are faster because a lower center of gravity provides performance enhancing stability that means you can rail fast and flowy sections as well as steep and technical trails.

Rounding out this high-performance package is the Ryve 100’s carbon frame, which is designed and built to Spot’s exacting standards. Our frame molds assure incredible compaction that eliminates voids in the matrix during manufacturing—exceeding our thresholds for strength while maintaining lightweight characteristics. Complete bikes start at just 22.9 pounds, with dropper! Travel-wise, the bike comes with 100mm of travel front and rear. And hey, if you absolutely believe you must lock out, we will sell you a build kit with that option, because you deserve to benefit from the race-winning attributes of Living Link™ on the descents.

We offer multiple build kits with four frame sizes from XL to S. And because we sell direct via our Spot Inside Line™ service, you get a perfectly tuned bike delivered to your door or local shop, minus the middleman markup. That amounts to white glove service on an elite-level bike for thousands less. Read more about Inside Line™ here.

We incorporated numerous features into the design of the Ryve 100 that take it to the next level of elite performance. Our Groovy Guides integrate the brake lines into the tube shape to eliminate snags on rocks, branches or clothing. The guides provide a clean, modern look that also simplifies swapping out brakes for races or travel.

The DoppelBox lower shock mount on the Ryve 100 has a double box structure for increased frame strength and stiffness that centralizes mass lower on the frame. Two inner walls boost torsional stiffness between the headtube and bottom bracket, transferring shock forces along the inside walls, where they are diffused. This design also protects the shock bushing by enabling moisture and trail grit to freely exit the frame, providing improved bushing longevity.

Our carbon rocker link on the shock is ultra-light and stiff, utilizing a trunnion mount for a compact and tidy design that delivers improved performance. Spot’s trunnion bearings are optimized for high-rotation applications. That means they reduce friction and deliver heightened small-bump sensitivity—while also giving you a vastly longer service life than traditional bushings.

We designed the brake mounts to transfer braking forces into the chainstay, allowing us to lighten the seatstay. And we positioned the mounts to protect the caliper and hose. By incorporating the mount into one machined part with the axle bore and dropout, brake alignment remains true while reducing threaded holes in the frame.

The conical pivot axles on the Ryve 100 eliminate creaks by strengthening the connection of the axles to the frame—increasing bearing life by eliminating play. This design feature also unifies the pivot axles with the front triangle for better stiffness and power transfer. Next, we incorporate dual row full-complement bearings that distribute and diffuse forces over more balls for longer bearing life. This likewise eliminates play. And all our bearings are O-ring sealed to keep out contamination.

We incorporate dual row full-complement bearings that distribute and diffuse forces over more balls for longer bearing life. This likewise eliminates play. And all our bearings are O-ring sealed to keep contamination out.

In short, we sweated every tiny detail to make sure the Ryve 100 delivers maximum performance and easy maintenance. Even the colorways are fast. The Ryve 100 comes in black with Hot Tomato highlights or Hot Tomato with black. Absolutely stunning is the reaction we’ve gotten. Out-of-the-saddle efficiency, best-in-class small-bump compliance, nimble climbing and aggressive descending: the Ryve 100 banishes any doubt—allowing you to focus on the task at hand: crushing the course and achieving your personal best.

*Shipping in May 2019

Technical Information

Living Link™ Suspension System

The Living Link™ system re-imagines and reinvents full-suspension technology to provide riders with multiple benefits over conventional systems. We accomplish this by replacing the standard, maintenance-prone cartridge bearings with a highly-developed composite leaf spring. We pair it with a finely-tuned air shock, which works in conjunction with the leaf spring, to harness the advantages of both. The Living Link™ leaf spring is both laterally stiff and vertically dynamic, providing a progressive flex through its range of motion. The result is a leap forward in bike handling, durability, longevity and pure fun.

Vertically Dynamic, Laterally and Torsionally Strong

At rest, the Living Link™ is relaxed, with no stresses imposed. As the suspension compresses, the carbon leaf spring flexes. When the rear axle reaches a point approximately halfway through its travel range, the leaf spring reaches its maximum flex. As the rear axle reaches full compression, the leaf spring relaxes again. The result is a spring contribution to the suspension system. Consider it a boost of superpower when you most need it on long technical climbs.

The Living Link™ also improves riding efficiency. It does so by enhancing the spring curve in the mid-stroke of the suspension travel. How? By working in tandem with the shock’s air spring to make the overall curve more linear in the middle of its travel. A more linear curve increases the suspension response in the mid stroke, where a bike spends most of its time. It’s simply a higher quality ride experience than any other suspension technology on the market.

Living Link™ also addresses a flaw of typical suspension systems: lateral flex. The composite plate of the leaf spring provides dynamic flex vertically, but it is superpower stiff laterally. Think about a metal ruler. You can easily bend it with your hands across its flat surface. Now tip that ruler on edge and try to bend it. No chance. The composite leaf spring, acting as a shear plate, works the same way. It promotes and harnesses flex vertically and prevents it laterally and torsionally. Yeah, like we said, superpowered.

Lighter Weight, Improved Durability, 3 Million Flex Cycles

Let’s be honest, most modern suspension systems are pretty good—when brand new. But their ride quality quickly fades under real world riding. Not so with Living Link™, which reduces wear and tear by eliminating the most problematic set of bearings in typical multi-link bikes and replacing it with one composite piece. That magical leaf spring means less maintenance, lighter weight, and one less pivot to impede efficiency. We love mechanics, but this suspension allows you to stay on the trail and out of the shop for many seasons of adventure.

The Living Link™ leaf spring is manufactured to maintain the strictest QC. And we use the same precise molding and CNC machining employed in the manufacture of ballistic military helmets and high-tech prostheses. This use of cutting-edge materials and carefully controlled manufacturing processes results in a leaf spring that can support the weight of two full size pickups. That’s pretty damn tough. So tough that we tested it in the laboratory to three million flex cycles without failure. That’s the equivalent of riding 7 days a week for 12 years. That’s some serious muscle.

Trail-hugging Efficiency, Playful Descending

We are proud to live, work and play in the Rocky Mountains. The riding here is technical and rocky and aggressive. For riders of the Ryve, that means your Living Link™ system has been battle tested on epic trails. We fine-tuned the Living Link™ to handle all the nastiness that the Rockies can dish out—both uphill and down. It delivers precision control on rowdy descents and gluey traction on technical climbs. That is a rare feat for other rear shocks on the market, which are designed to maximize performance in their “open” modes. The Living Link™ system was designed with an anti-squat response, which enables the rider to climb efficiently with the shock wide open. In addition, the kinematics of the suspension system provide a large pedaling sweet spot. The end game: you will ride more confidently both up and down.

On other suspension systems, pedaling performance is compromised if the shock pressure is too high or too low. Not so with Living Link™. It delivers efficient acceleration in a large range of suspension sag settings. Riders who like it super firm, as well as those who like it plush, are all rewarded with a bike that climbs like a goat with its tail on fire. We accomplish this holy grail of climbing efficiency and descending performance by finely tuning the leverage ratio curve to work harmoniously with high quality air shocks.

Advanced Construction Processes

The Ryve frame and its components are constructed using the most advanced processes in the composites industry. Instead of outdated tube-to-tube or conventional bladder molding, our carbon construction facility fabricates each frame using a rigid EPS foam mandrel. The mandrel is custom formed for the Ryve, and its parts are shaped in a bespoke mold that represents the shape of the volume contained within the part. The carbon fiber plies are arranged precisely on the mandrel. This technique ensures that nothing can move out of position when the mandrel and layup are inserted into the curing mold.

During the curing process the EPS foam expands uniformly, creating outward pressure on the carbon plies. The foam ensures even distribution of compaction forces on the layup throughout the part. This prevents voids and delamination. The control and consistency of this approach are unrivaled. The benefits of the highest-end materials and our superior construction methods ensure that each Ryve frame delivers years of performance and quality. Our production facility works for some of the best names in high-end bikes. We feel so strongly about our frame durability that we back every Ryve frame with a 5-year warranty.

Progressive Geometry

The Ryve’s frame geometry is advanced. We designed the bike to place the rider’s weight precisely between the front and rear wheels. We accomplish this by extending the measurement between the bottom bracket and front axle. A roomy front center creates a stable ride, and mistakes are less consequential. The seat tube has been steepened accordingly, as this helps keep the rider’s weight between the wheels. This geometry eliminates front-end lift and makes technical terrain easier to conquer. All of this means you spend less energy balancing your bike, allowing you to feel fresh and juiced up for those burst of power that allow you to drop your buddies.

The steep seat tube angle of the Ryve has descending benefits as well. Equipped with a dropper seat post, the Ryve positions the seat farther forward in the dropped position. This gives you more room to move on difficult descents, placing you in an optimal position for more aggressive riding. You can personalize your seat angle by simply moving your saddle forward or back.

A Better Fit for Riders of all Sizes

While people range vastly in height, weight, leg length, and other physical measurements, most mountain bikes do not scale accordingly. The Ryve provides a better size range. The seat tube angle on our XL frame is slightly steeper than the large, which brings the tall rider’s center of gravity forward on climbs.

On the other end of the spectrum, all sizes of our frames feature a low stand-over height that allows men and women with shorter inseams to find a perfect fit. We don’t skimp on the amenities for smaller riders, either. Some small frames from other brands have no space for a water bottle. Our small Ryve frame has space for a medium water bottle within the front triangle. That’s great for riders who like to bust out light and fast without a pack.

Want to Ryve it up? Riding is believing, so check out listing of demo events. At Spot Brand, we have developed a reputation for thinking outside the box and designing solutions that deliver a better ride. At the office, and in the design lab, we work in a mode of focused control. Get us out on the trail, however, and we Ryve it up!

See this diagram for an explanation of Ryve geometry terms.

Frame Size Small Medium Large X-Large
Eff. Top Tube Length 22.6" (575mm) 23.7" (603mm) 24.5" (622mm) 25.2" (640mm)
Seat Tube Length 15" (381mm) 17" (431mm) 19" (483mm) 21" (533mm)
Eff. Seat Tube Angle 75.7° 75.7° 75.7° 76.7°
Actual Seat Tube Angle 73.3° 73.3° 73.3° 74.6°
Head Tube Length 3.5" (90mm) 3.9" (100mm) 4.3" (110mm) 4.7" (120mm)
Head Tube Angle 68.4°
Bottom Bracket Drop 1.7" (43mm)
Est. Bottom Bracket Height 12.9" (327mm)
Wheel Base 44.4" (1129mm) 45.6" (1157mm) 46.4" (1178mm) 47.5" (1207mm)
Front Center 27.3" (694mm) 28.4" (722mm) 29.3" (743mm) 30.4" (772mm)
Rear Center 17.1" (435mm) 17.1" (435mm) 17.1" (435mm) 17.1" (435mm)
Reach 16.9" (428mm) 17.8" (453mm) 18.8" (478mm) 19.8" (502mm)
Stack 23.0" (584mm) 23.3" (593mm) 23.7" (601mm) 24.1" (611mm)
Standover 27.3" (694mm) 27.8" (705mm) 28.2" (716mm) 28.7" (728mm)
5-Star Build Kit 6-Star XTR Build Kit 6-Star AXS Build Kit
Shock Fox Factory Float DPS EVOL SV, 3 Pos. Adj, Trunnion, 0.2 VS, 165x40 Fox Factory Float DPS EVOL SV, 3 Pos. Adj, Trunnion, 0.2 VS, 165x40 Fox Factory Float DPS EVOL SV, 3 Pos. Adj, Trunnion, 0.2 VS, 165x40
Fork Fox Factory Float 32 Step-Cast 29, 100mm travel, 3Pos-Adj, FIT4, 44mm Rake, Boost 15QRx110 Fox Factory Float 32 Step-Cast 29, 100mm travel, 3Pos-Adj, FIT4, 44mm Rake, Boost 15QRx110 Fox Factory Float 32 Step-Cast 29, 100mm travel, 3Pos-Adj, FIT4, 44mm Rake, Boost 15QRx110
Headset Cane Creek 40, ZS44/ZS56 ZS44 upper, ZS56 lower Cane Creek 40, ZS44/ZS56 ZS44 upper, ZS56 lower Cane Creek 40, ZS44/ZS56 ZS44 upper, ZS56 lower
Crankset SRAM X1 Carbon Eagle B148, DUB 170mm, 32t Race Face Next R 170mm, 32t, Carbon SRAM XX1 AXS 170mm, 32t, Carbon
Cassette SRAM XG1275, 12-speed, 10-50t, BLK Shimano M9100 XTR, 12-speed, 10-51t SRAM XG1299, 12-speed, 10-50t, Rainbow
Rear Derailleur SRAM XO1 Eagle BLK, 12-speed Shimano M9100 XTR, 12-speed SRAM XX1 AXS  Eagle, Wireless, 12-speed
Rear Shifter Lever SRAM XO1 Eagle BLK, 12-speed Shimano M9100 XTR 12-speed SRAM XX1 AXS Eagle, Wireless, 12-speed
Bottom Bracket SRAM DUB PF 92 Race Face PF 92, 30mm SRAM DUB PF 92
Front Brake SRAM Level TLM, 180mm Centerline rotor, CenterLock Shimano M9100 XTR, 180mm rotor, CenterLock SRAM Level Ultimate, 180mm Centerline rotor, CenterLock
Rear Brake SRAM Level TLM, 160mm Centerline rotor, CenterLock Shimano M9100 XTR, 160mm rotor, CenterLock SRAM Level Ultimate, 160mm Centerline rotor, Centerlock
Chain SRAM GX Eagle Shimano 9100 XTR SRAM XX1 Eagle, Rainbow
Front Wheel Stan's No Tubes Crest MK3 29, CenterLock, Boost 15x110 Enve M525 29, IndustryNine Hydra, CenterLock, Boost 15x110 Stan's No Tubes Podium 29, Noe Ultimate, CenterLock, Boost 15x110
Rear Wheel Stan's No Tubes Crest MK3 29, Tubeless, XD Driver, CenterLock, Boost 12x148 Enve M525 29, IndustryNine Hydra, Micro Spline, CenterLock, Boost 12x148 Stan's No Tubes Podium 29, Neo Ultimate, XD Driver, CenterLock, Boost 12x148
Front Tire Schwalbe Racing Ray 29x2.25 Schwalbe Racing Ray 29x2.25 Schwalbe Racing Ray 29x2.25
Rear Tire Schwalbe Racing Ralph 29x2.25 Schwalbe Racing Ralph 29x2.25 Schwalbe Racing Ralph 29x2.25
Stem Race Face Turbine, 31.8mm x 60mm Race Face Turbine, 31.8mm x 60mm Race Face Turbine, 31.8mm x 60mm
Handlebar Enve M6, XL 780mm, LG 760mm, MD/SM 740mm, 25mm rise, 31.8mm Carbon Enve M6, XL 780mm, LG 760mm, MD/SM 740mm, 25mm rise, 31.8mm Carbon Enve M6, XL 780mm, LG 760mm, MD/SM 740mm, 25mm rise, 31.8mm Carbon
Grips ODI Vans Slip-on ODI Vans Slip-on ODI Vans Slip-on
Seat Post BikeYoke Revive 160mm for XL and Large, 125mm for Medium and Small, Internal, 31.6 BikeYoke Revive 160mm for XL and Large, 125mm for Medium and Small, Internal, 31.6 Sram AXS 150mm for XL and Large, 125mm for Medium and Small, Wireless, 31.6
Saddle WTB Silverado WTB Silverado WTB Silverado

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