Style, Precision and Panache

In the spirit of Colin Chapman, the brash auto racing entrepreneur who created the Lotus 38 that won the 1965 Indy 500, we present the Wazee—a city bike that blends modern technology with retro racing aesthetics. The sleek and streamlined steel frame delivers the classic ride characteristics and road-feel that bicyclists prize. And with its Lotus-inspired Chapman green (of course) color scheme, the Wazee handles city streets with precision and panache. Our Wazee is the newest member of the Spot family but its heritage runs deep. Wazee Street is one of Denver's most storied thoroughfares, the epicenter of LoDo and beating heart of Mile-High commerce and culture. Anchoring the bike is the most innovative drive system available: a CenterTrack belt drive that motors fast and quiet, lap after lap after lap. Colin Chapman would be proud. AVAILABLE in shops now.

Gates CenterTrack:

Next generation Carbon Drive System. Unique, super-strong, carbon-reinforced polyurethane system that requires no lube and provides a nearly silent ride. CenterTrack is stronger, lighter, more compact, and better at shedding debris than the prior Gates systems.

Shimano Alfine 11-Speed Internally Geared Hub:

Super-high quality with simple shifting and low maintenance providing a 409% gear range.

Classic Steel Frame and Fork:

Legendary smooth and responsive ride of steel.

Hydration Friendly:

Water bottle mounts on down tube and seat tube.

Urban RocketSled Geometry:

Cruise with your head up and pass on the left.

Fender and Rack Mounts:

Frame and fork accommodate full fenders and racks, for urban versatility and utility.

Frame SizeEffective Toptube Length (in / mm)Seattube Length (in / mm)Headtube Angle (deg)Seattube Angle (deg)Chainstay Length Min, Max, As Shipped (in / mm) Headtube Length (in / mm)BB Drop (in / mm)Rider HeightRider Inseam
4920.9 / 53019.3 / 4907073Min 17.1 / 435
Max 18.1 / 460
As Shipped 17.8 / 451
4.5 / 1152.4 / 615'5" - 5'8"28" - 31"
5221.7 / 55020.5 / 5207173Min 17.1 / 435
Max 18.1 / 460
As Shipped 17.8 / 451
4.9 / 1252.4 / 615'7" - 5'10"29" - 33"
5522.4 / 57021.7 / 5507273Min 17.1 / 435
Max 18.1 / 460
As Shipped 17.8 / 451
5.5 / 1402.4 / 615'9" - 6'0"31" - 34"
5723.2 / 59022.4 / 57072.573Min 17.1 / 435
Max 18.1 / 460
As Shipped 17.8 / 451
6.3 / 1602.4 / 615'11" - 6'2"32" - 35"
6024.4 / 62023.6 / 60072.573Min 17.1 / 435
Max 18.1 / 460
As Shipped 17.8 / 451
7.1 / 1802.4 / 616'1" - 6'5"33" - 36"
Spot Brand
CroMo, 400mm length, 28.6mm steerer
Front Pulley
CenterTrack, 46T, 130 BCD
Rear Pulley
CenterTrack, 24T, Alfine
CenterTrack, 118T
HeadsetFSAOrbit Equipe, Black, NO. 21, Steel upper/Alloy lower cups, ACB bearings
Front Brake
Elixir 1 Hydraulic
Rear BrakeAvidElixir 1 Hydraulic
620 mm width, 31.8 clamp, 45 deg sweep
Alloy, 95mm
27.2 mm x 350 mm
DA22, 32º, aero profile, non-machined sidewalls, Presta valve
Front HubShimanoDisc front, 32º, bolt-on
Rear HubShimano
Alfine 11-speed, disc, 32º
Spicer, 700x35C
ErgonGA1 EVO
Black with Chapman Green accents
Seat Clamp
29.8 mm
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BY Art Edison
December 3, 2014, 10:54am
i just got my new Wazee a few days ago and have taken it out on just 3 short rides around town. I love this bike! It is my third bike but my first “city bike”. My other 2 machines are a beautiful old touring bike and a mountain bike. Ever since I heard about belt drives, they sounded very appealing for my daily commute. From what I can tell so far, the belt drive and 11 speed hub are everything I expected and more. It is quiet, easy to shift, fun to ride, clean, and requires no pant clips with long pants. My great local shop (Bikes and More, Gainesville) built up the bike beyond the standard offering: front generator hub with integrated lighting system, nice bamboo fenders, Brooks saddle and bar grips, Tubus rack. Also we upgraded to the Spot Brand carbon fiber fork. What a blast this bike is to ride! What a lovely machine! I highly recommend it to anyone who commutes by bike.
BY jason
June 3, 2014, 2:49pm
I fell in love with Spot’s bike from 2013’s season named the Sprawl. A bike made in Colorado with a belt drive and everything I was looking for. When I was back in the US I went to purchase the Sprawl but it had been replaced with the Wazee. The Wazee is a better bike for $800 less so I was very happy. I’ve had my Wazee for 3 weeks now. Of the dozen bikes I own including custom road bikes with Campy to $5,000 Mt bikes, I can say that this belt driven bike has instantly become my favorite. It’s perfectly silent, smooth and is pure enjoyment. After a great day on some dirt roads I had the bike upside down for a wipe and noticed the “made in Taiwan” sticker. I said “What? Spots are built in Golden, Colorado…” My Wazee had Colorado sticker on it so I looked closely to see it says “Braincrafted in Colorado”. “Brain”… the Sprawl said “Hand”. It’s true, I just didn’t notice the quiet shift. I just presumed they were still handcrafted in Golden. I have to ask myself “what does it matter?”. Taiwan makes great bikes, in fact many of the bikes I own are from Taiwan. The majority of big brand bikes come from the same few factories in Taiwan. They use high tech quality materials and have stringent quality control. In fact, there are probably advantages to having this bike made in those factories being more precise than a hand built frame. I have NO problem owning another imported bike and I have no problem with globalization. I too travel the world and do business mostly outside the USA. I guess the part that is bothering me is that I no longer have the story to tell. For 3 weeks I’ve been showing the Wazee off to everyone and the first thing I have been saying is “ And it’s made in Colorado..”. I can’t tell the story any more.
BY Dave Kirsten
June 2, 2014, 4:25pm
I purchased the Wazee in April 2014 and ride about 100 miles per week. I couldn’t get comfortable with the stock handlebars so I replaced them. Now I ride more upright which I find much more comfortable. I do think it needs a quick release rear axle… that would save time when you get a flat and also save having to carry another wrench. My only problem so far has been an intermittent rubbing noise which based on the cadence has to be coming from the drive pulley. It’s minor and I’m sure correctable. I enjoy the way the bike rides and the belt drive is super smooth.
BY Tom
May 3, 2014, 9:31pm
I picked up my Wazee from Ride Bicycles in Seattle, not the best time to buy a bike in the Northwest. After riding through the winter I can say it would be tough to find a better bike for all season use. Wet, dry, hills, traffic, it just works. The quiet grease free drive train, disc brakes and comfy steel frame make for a great all purpose bike. I added a set of fenders (the mounts are ready to go) to keep the wet of my clothes, but you don’t really need them for the bike, it seems muck proof.
BY Rooth
February 5, 2014, 12:40pm
The Wazee…where to start on the awesomeness of this bike? I’ll admit, I was first attracted to it for its looks. It is one cool-looking machine. Simple, sexy, unique, not overdone. I did not need another bike, but I WANTED this bike. The belt drive, internal hub, disc brakes are all new to me. And I probably have not had a steel framed bike since that lime green banana seater of my youth. So I pulled the trigger and, after several months of commuting I can say with certainty – this bike is exquisite. Atlanta streets are notoriously ill-maintained. Peanuts for the Wazee – smooth sailing with that steel core. The off-road shortcuts? Not a problem. And oh! The silence. Aaaaah, so perfect. Alfine 11 hub? Flawless. I love it. My Wazee came via train, outfitted with some custom upgrades by Joe Bike in Portland, but the owner of my LBS took it for a spin and declared it the Lexus of commuter bikes. I am in love, and more inclined to compare it to the stunning Maserati I once stared at in the hardware store parking lot. This is MY Maserati. After a few months the one, small, lingering reservation in my head was, “Am I cool enough for this bike?” I am nearly fifty, female, and not immediately identifiable as “fit.” I wonder in my dark moments, am I a poser, riding this amazing bike? So one morning I was in a cranky mood on my ride to work. I don’t remember why. As I was riding I sense a car pulling up alongside and mentally steel myself for some manner of angry driver unpleasantness. Instead I look over to see a young, bearded hipster (and I mean that in a good way) in a beat up clunker. He leans over, rolls down his passenger window and says, “Hey, that is an AWESOME Spot bike!” Yes it IS, young man, yes it is. Get one. You won’t regret it.
BY Alan L., Portland
September 22, 2013, 8:40pm
Sublime. Buttery. Joy. There are multitudes of adjectives that might do the Wazee justice, but these are a few that come to mind first. My daily, 22 mile roundtrip commute is easily the highlight of my day now, and I actually look forward to heading to work now. The route includes some moderate hills and poorly maintained road surfaces. The Alfine 11 has more than enough range for the uphill tilts and long, sustained 30mph+ downhill stretches (though my LBS did change the front pulley to a 50t for a touch more top end speed). Having over 5000 miles on an Alfine 8 already, I’m impressed by the quicker shifts and slightly smoother running of the 11. And the removal/installation of the shifter cable is much easier on the 11 when flat repairs are a necessity, also helped by the simplicity of the Kobe sliders. The Alfine/Gates combo means my next maintenance job might not be until the rainy season is over next Spring. JoeBike here in PDX, OR did a fabulous job of upgrading my Wazee with a far more comfy Brooks saddle, beautiful Sykes wood fenders, racks, dynamo lighting, etc. A narrower handlebar also makes sliding through lanes of traffic more convenient. No words could do the steel frame justice, however. Choppy, irregular pavement is tamed by the supple nature of the gently curved seatstays. Even with two moderately loaded panniers, lateral flex has not been an issue. Next Summer, I fully intend to do some light, self-supported touring on this beauty, though those looking to cross Mongolia might want to look elsewhere. Spot thought the design out very well, with lovely touches like a small mount for dynamo wire mounting and every rack mount one could need. This is truly a Swiss Army Bike, capable of nearly any task (outside of rough trail riding) that one might ask of it, all while inducing joy. It will be hard to suppress your smile, mile after mile!
BY Carl Holmes
September 11, 2013, 10:46am
Pilots say, “If a plane looks right, it flies right.” When a Gates tech wheeled a fresh early-production Wazee past our booth at the USA Pro Challenge Expo in Breckenridge this morning, my brain clicked, “That’s it. That’s the hot setup. A ‘town bike’ that doesn’t give up style. Right-now belt driveline and hydraulic disc brakes, plus Cervelo design cues like an aero down tube and ride-smoothing curved seat stays.” I can’t ride my Di2 Zipp-wheeled Cervelo RS for errands around town; heck, even I’d steal it. So I confess I followed the Gates guy like a puppy and scored first ride on this beauty, and she was happy to accommodate me giddily putting the spurs to her on a stout climb out of town. Grip and ride from the 35mm tires is comfortable and confidence-inspiring. The 11-speed Shimano Alfine internal gearing shifts silently from Granny to plenty like an old 3-speed Sturmey-Archer’s wet dream. The fresh, unbedded Avid brakes were already as strong as the Dura-Ace 9000 brakes on my Cervelo, with characteristically great modulation, and promise to only improve with miles. The Wazee is all the basic goodness of the favorite bikes of my youth, only updated. Me, I’d appreciate a taller steerer tube/stem setup, or rather my neck and back would, but that’s easily accomplished. I suspect Santa’s going to lose track of time and deliver me a 55cm before the end of September. This Fall promises to be BIG fun!