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Complete Bike: $2,249

ACME Overview

The Joy of High Performance

It’s no secret that the hunched-over geometry of road bikes alienates many cyclists. Enter the Acme, a city bike that hums along at road speeds while also allowing you to actually enjoy the ride. Think of it as a Mercedes on two wheels. The Acme is lighter and faster than most city bikes, which means you get to work on time with ease. It features the most advanced, reliable—and clean--drivetrain on the market: a sealed 11 speed shifter mated to a smooth and strong belt drive. Let’s face it: chains and derailleurs are a greasy time suck, and time is money for cyclists on the go. And like a high-performance European sedan, the frame’s gently swooping curves convey understated elegance. Acme means “highest,” and this bike is the apex of modern urban riding: a finely tuned mix of precision engineering, style, innovation and speed. Rediscover the joy of cycling. And all of our street bikes have hard mounts for racks, fenders and a kickstand. AVAILABLE to order now with delivery in September.

ACME Features

Gates CenterTrack:

Next generation Carbon Drive System. Unique, super-strong, carbon-reinforced polyurethane system that requires no lube and provides a nearly silent ride. CenterTrack is stronger, lighter, more compact, and better at shedding debris than the prior Gates systems.

Shimano Alfine 11-Speed Internally Geared Hub:

Super-high quality with simple shifting and low maintenance providing a 409% gear range.

Shimano Dynamo Front Hub:

Automatically charges lights connected to the front hub via internal routing in carbon fork.

Spot Custom 7005 Aluminum:

Proprietary, shaped, butted and tapered frame tubes designed for optimum strength, comfort, and durability. Lightweight aluminum tubing with precise tubing configurations for each frame size, results in a smooth and stable ride. Advanced performance styling of seat stays, top tube and down tube, in conjunction with finely tuned geometry deliver an astonishingly nimble ride in the urban environment.

Spot Custom Carbon Fork:

Our newly designed all carbon fork rides smooth, yet is stronger and lighter that its predecessor. Steering is precise with the tapered carbon fiber steerer tube. Perhaps the highest performing street fork on the market.

Urban RocketSled Geometry:

Cruise with your head up and pass on the left.

Dropout Compatibility:

Newly designed Wagyū 2 Slider Dropouts allow belt-driven or chain-driven configurations, and painless wheel removal with no need to re-tension the belt.

Hydration Friendly:

Water bottle mounts on down tube and seat tube.

Fender and Rack Mounts:

Newly designed frame and fork accommodate full fenders and racks, for urban versatility and utility.

ACME Geometry Specs

Frame Size (cm)Effective Toptube Length (in / mm)Seattube Length (in / mm)Headtube Angle (deg)Seattube Angle (deg)Chainstay Length Min, Max, As Shipped (in / mm) Headtube Length (in / mm)BB Drop (in / mm)Wheel Base (in / mm)Reach (in / mm)Stack (in / mm)Stand-over (in / mm)Rider Height
5020.9 / 53019.5 / 4967074Min 16.3 / 415
Max 17.3 / 440
As Shipped 16.8 / 427
4.5 / 1152.7 / 6839.5 / 100414.8 / 37621.2 / 53728.6 / 7275' 4" - 5' 8"
5221.7 / 55020.5 / 5207174Min 16.3 / 415
Max 17.3 / 440
As Shipped 16.8 / 427
4.9 / 1252.7 / 6840.0 / 101515.4 / 39221.7 / 55129.6 / 7515' 7" - 5' 10"
5522.4 / 57021.7 / 5507273Min 16.3 / 415
Max 17.3 / 440
As Shipped 16.8 / 427
5.5 / 1402.7 / 6840.0 / 101615.6 / 39622.4 / 56931.1 / 7905' 9" - 6' 0"
5723.2 / 59022.4 / 57072.573Min 16.3 / 415
Max 17.3 / 440
As Shipped 16.8 / 427
6.3 / 1602.7 / 6840.6 / 103116.1 / 41023.2 / 59031.9 / 8115' 11" - 6' 2"
6024.4 / 62023.6 / 60072.573Min 16.3 / 415
Max 17.3 / 440
As Shipped 16.8 / 427
7.1 / 1802.7 / 6841.8 / 106117.1 / 43424.0 / 60933.0 / 8386' 1" - 6' 5"

ACME Component Specs

ForkSpot BrandCarbon Disc w/ carbon tapered steerer, 1 1/8" - 1 1/2"
HeadsetCane Creek10-Series, zS56 Bottom, 10,ZS44 Short
HandlebarSpot BrandPolished alloy, 31.8mm, 620mm width, 9 deg sweep
GripsSpotGenuine Leather Ergonomic
StemSpot BrandPolished alloy, 31.8 clamp, +/-6 degree, 50/52cm = 100mm, 55/57cm = 110mm, 60cm = 120mm
Brakes/LeversAvidDB1 hydraulic disc
CranksetGatesS300, 50/52 = 170mm, 55/57/60 = 175mm
Front PulleyGatesCenterTrack, 46T, 130 BCD
Rear PulleyGatesCenterTrack, 24T SureFit
GatesCenterTrack, 113T, Black/Blue
Front HubShimanoDynamo, Silver DH-S501, 6V-3W, 32h, Disc front, Center Lock
Rear HubShimanoAlfine 11-speed Silver, disc, 32h
RimsAlexBlack, ATD470, 32º, aero profile, presta valve
SpokesSpot14g, stainless
TiresKendaTendril, 700x32C, Reflective Strip, 60tpi
ShifterShimanoAlfine 11-speed, RapidFire Plus
SaddleSpot BrandGenuine Leather
WellgoBlack body/Black cage
SeatpostSpot BrandSpot polished silver alloy, 27.2mm
Seat ClampSpot BrandSpot alloy, 31.8mm
Belt GuardSpot BrandCustom Belt Guard


BY Eric Allard
September 2, 2016, 1:02pm
I love my Acme! Mine is a 2013 or 2014 model (silver with the previous design dropouts). The only thing I changed was the seatpost and saddle. I felt a little stretched out and a Thomson Elite zero offset post fixed that problem. I replaced the saddle with a Brooks Team Professional, if only for aesthetics, which really compliment this bike. The bike is a pleasure to ride and looks great!
BY Brad Shaffer
April 6, 2016, 10:20am
I am writing to thank you for sending a new belt guard for my Spot ACME bike that a got during the holidays in 2015. The original belt guard bottom point got caught on my pleated pants and immediately bent up to a positon that the bike was un-ride-able. I ride this bike every day from downtown San Francisco, over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito and, (except for the belt guard), it has performed perfectly… I had been riding a converted Mountain Bike, with a similar 11 speed internal hub, but the Spot ACME provided a much more comfortable and faster ride, which makes bike commuting a pleasure…
BY ryan
July 29, 2015, 9:16am
I LOVE my bike. As a daily commuter in Calgary, although I’ve only sat in a Mercedes once, I can vouch for this bike being a dream ride. It is light & fast, making it easy to keep up with downtown traffic. The drivetrain is my favourite part, I used to spend a LOT of time maintaining chains & derailleurs, now all I have to do is keep it clean and keep the tires full! Such a time saver! The frame accommodates some hearty winter tires to keep the bike on the road 12 months of the year. The 11 speed transmission provides enough range to go really fast and climb a substantial hill on the way home (sometimes with kids in tow). This is the best commuter I could imagine. My old bike was stollen over one year ago, and after discussing with Chris Brown @ the Wheel Life Cyclery in Okotoks AB, he suggested this bike, made a special order to bring in the XL size and had it built while he was getting ready for his own wedding! Definitely recommend his shop for any Albertans looking for a bike like this (or pretty much anything else you might want). One issue I have had with this bike are the Avid brakes going flat – it looks like this has been remedied and they have upgraded the brakes on this build since I bought.
BY Doug Lake
August 15, 2014, 4:28pm
I’ve had my Spot Brand Acme for 3 weeks now and wanted to share my great experience. I’ve bike commuted off and on since 2007 when I was a fellow at Stanford. Back then even in Palo Alto, when I went into bike shops and asked for a bike a little more durable than a typical road bike with a front light and a rear rack, I mostly received confused looks. Eventually, I equipped a mountain bike with road tires and made due. A later iteration was an older carbon Giant to which I added an Old Man Mountain rack. Better speed, less durable. I was very impressed when I began my search for my ultimate commuter bike a few months ago. The Spot Acme hit on all my highlights. It was light but durable. Maneuverable. The 11 speed Alfine teamed with the belt drive is perfect for a commuter like me. Geometry fits me great. Disk brakes stop fast. Eventually, I got hooked up with Shawn Cullingford at SloHi Bike Company in Denver. My questions and requests didn’t faze him a bit and he offered great suggestions from experience. Shawn took the already great Acme and added a front Shimano dynamo to power his suggested Busch & Muller Luxos U front light. He added a Jandd rear rack and was able to complete the build with RoadRacer fenders. I later added a Ortleib bag and my commuter bike is complete. I’m now 3 weeks into daily commuting and love my quiet fast bike on my 2.5 mi ride. My wife doesn’t worry about my early morning and late evening rides given I have a bright unfailing light. Thank you Shawn and Spot Brand!
BY John Vidale
June 30, 2014, 8:24pm
Had the Spot Acme about three weeks now, commuting 2 miles to work daily plus a couple of longer trips so far. Put on a rack, panniers, fenders, and lights. The bike is just what I hoped – smooth, quiet, good looking, can take the weight. Noticeably heavier than my road bike, but with the same range in gears, easier shifting, much better brakes. They say the Alfine hub is slightly less efficient, 95% vs 98% for a top chained derailleur, but I can’t tell the difference. I’m pleased.
BY Gustav Kroyherr
June 3, 2014, 2:48pm
I have been riding this bike for 2 years and average about 120km a week. I have only changed to thinner tyres, lighter saddle and carbon handlebar otherwise original. Maintenance has been minimal (just new brake pads, broken spokes, punctures, new tyres) and the bike looks as good as the day it arrived. The belt and gears show no signs of wear and in fact the back wheel spins more freely than when new. No rust, no grease, no sticking brake cables. Brilliant! I would buy another but the current one doesn’t need replacing!
BY Simon T
May 6, 2014, 1:59pm
I’ve been riding on my new Acme for almost two months now in Calgary, commuting about 20km a day. I’ve seen just about every single type of weather already! Warm and dusty, temperatures well below freezing, snow, rain, sleet. The bike performs identically in all conditions and the only maintenance I’ve done so far is rinsing it off to keep it looking clean and beautiful. This bike is the ultimate all-weather commuter. And cruising around recreationally is so much nicer on a completely silent bike like this. As this is my first experience with an internally geared hub I’m still adjusting to the quirks of the Alfine 11 (a very quick pause in pedaling to change gears is best), but I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with derailleurs anymore. Amazing bike.
BY John W.
March 31, 2014, 3:16pm
After looking for some time for the Perfect Commuter, I decided to pick up a 2013 Acme at the end of last year (2013). I’ve had it now for a few months and use it for the daily drive. City streets, massive hills, blistering downhills and crawling traffic, rack time on public transpo, etc. First off, it simply has gotten better with time. After break-in, it is smoother and faster. I was a bit suspicious of the geometry for the intended use, but have zero complaints. It’s got quick steering but it’s not too twitchy, and there’s plenty of room to work (got a 55, and I’m 5’8″). The carbon fork helps smooth things out in San Francisco city driving, but there is a little compliance you have to get used to, particularly in hard braking. The stock tires have been totally up to the job. The brakes might get some attention down the road. They are very good, but the feel could be better, and there might be some gain in stopping power with an alternative. I’ll be readjusting to see if that changes anything. The Alfine 11 is, overall, really nice. There are a couple of oddities that are probably due to the relative newness of the approach. The gear spread is fine, though I personally could use a slightly smaller 1st (there are some monster hills here!). Shifting is generally a no-brainer, but your thumb has to be deliberate but not too aggressive, there is a small spread between 5-6 that could probably have been skipped, and a few gears in the middle seem to have a bit more drag. But! As far as I’m concerned the chain is dead. Very quiet, clean, great transfer of power. I had a seal problem with the hub I’m getting worked out, but think it’ll just be better when it’s resolved. Yay. I’ve put on a new, surprisingly good Charge Spoon (the stock saddle looks good, but is not made for me – at all), lightweight fenders (which took some modification), a clever Cateye Hybrid solar headlamp, a slight riser bar and a small under-seat bag. Next are cork handgrips and a rear rack for the occasional pannier. I’m also considering a clearcoat at some point as the finish is sensitive to, well, just about everything. Part of my commute is on a Bay ferry, and it has to coexist for 30 minutes with, sometimes, a ton of recreational riders, and they’re not generally very careful. So buy one of these, already! It’s well above most bikes in overall performance; it’s a real spoiler. You still can’t find this level of attention to detail and design, technical prowess and just good sense in component choice in this price bracket.
BY Luca
March 29, 2014, 3:31pm
I picked up my Spot Acme at Wheel Life Cyclery in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada this past weekend. The owners, Chris and his wife, were very helpful showing me how to remove the rear wheel, adjust the belt, etc. I rode the Acme to work this week in -20 to -30 Celsius with some studded tires and everything worked silky smooth. Looking forward to using my new bike to commute throughout the entire year for years to come. Thanks for making such a great bike!
BY Mike Clark
February 18, 2014, 12:59pm
I rode my new Acme today for the first time with my local bike club Green Valley Cyclists in Henderson NV. The bike was great, keep up with the road bikes with just a little more effort. After the ride I had a line of riders looking at the bike, it’s belt drive and Shimano Alfine hub. Really happy and expect to use the bike when riding with my wife and on moderate paced group rides. Try one if you are looking for a quick sporty cycle.
BY laguna
February 5, 2014, 12:41pm
had been looking for a bike with the acme attributes, and my wife got it for me this christmas. big smile in my face. winter in minnesota has been pretty cold this year, so before taking the bike out i mounted some schwalbe marathon winter tires, fenders and out the door. first a couple of 3-4 milers to the grocery store, then commute 14 miles each way, all in single digit temps. the bike behaves great, kept it composure while going over bumpy icy street, and all the road/ice shatter kept under control by the carbon fork. IG shimano hub smooth operating. just thinking all the miles we gonna spent together put a smile in my face. also the spot brand staff was great answering my questions when researching/deciding what model to choose. THANKS MATES!!!
BY Larry D. White
October 16, 2013, 8:59pm
What a great commuter, my Acme. I am writing this review to thank first Ian Sallee for helping me to see that there are ways to get a great bike even though there might not be any in my area. And secondly I want to thank Ed Wagar from Touring Gear out of Michigan. With his help I was able to get a bike from Spot via Colorado, Michigan, Ohio and finally ending uup here in South Korea. It has been a long process, but the people at Spot and those that distribute are the best. True professionals. Anyway, the bike is great. A smooth quiet ride with great Shimano gearing and a sleek, eye turning look. I installed fenders, a kick stand and back rack to complete my commuter. I have not regretted one choice I made. Thank you everyone :-)
BY Kenley Lawton
September 11, 2013, 10:46am
I saw an Acme on the back of a car in Grand Junction, and I told myself that I had to have one. I have had mine for two months, and I have put about 300 miles on it. It is very hilly in my part of town, with some long, steep climbs, and the gearing is perfect. It rides like a dream; like no other that I have had. It’s so fast that at times I imagine that it can coast uphill. Changed out the stem for a longer one for a more upright ride. I have a rack with one pannier for running errands. I thought about swapping out the pedals, but I decided that they are just fine as they are. This bike is definitely a keeper.
BY RubinT
August 5, 2013, 4:51pm
Purchased my Spot-ACME yesterday and rode a bit last nite then took it out for a 20 miler in the dark of night this evening. I bought mine slightly used but very well taken care of and outfitted with ErgonGP5 grips (high rest), Supernova triple-E (3E) LED’s on front and back, brooks leather seat, and Shimano clip(less) pedals. The lights worked great to illuminate the night and there was minimal sound other than the tires on the road. Also installed was an axiom rear rack with removable clip-on saddle bags, the second from top-of-line Lasalle DLX Panatier. I took the bags off after last nights ride because they were not placed well and there was much wheel rub, just need a bit of adjustment. This bike is fast, quiet, comfortable, smooth shifting, and provides the most enjoyable ride I have had on a bicycle. I have only ridden it the 2 times mentioned, but support all of the above comments 100 percent, especially with the Ergon high ride grips. It’s a stealthy Chuck Norris Cheetah if I ever met one.
BY Ian Hill
August 1, 2013, 8:16pm
My commitment to commute everyday no matter what the weather has combined perfectly with a new all weather commuter! I fear no rain imposed chain cleaning regime and love the silent aspect of the bike in motion – either pedalling or coasting. I’m probably the only Acme rider in my city of Perth, Western Australia and definitely haven’t seen any other belt drive bikes, let alone a Spot Brand. I’ve got the hang of the Alfine 11 and it is changing beautifully. I added racks, mudguards, lights, panniers and clip pedals, plus my trusty air horn and I’m listening to all the badly adjusted derailleurs, dry and rusty chains and slipping gear noises as others pass me by or I pass them. Definitely puts a smile on my face.
BY Todd
June 20, 2013, 4:10pm
I picked up my Acme at Ride Bicycles in Seattle and I’m loving it. I’ve had a blast fitting it out with saddle/fenders/rack/bag/lights/computer/pedals of my choice. It’s filling all the roles I’d hoped for. It’s a great commuter in hilly Seattle and the belt drive + no mess is worry-free as advertised. I was a bit concerned with having 11 gears but haven’t been left wanting at all. I’ve had no issues with the top/bottom or the ratio in between. In addition to serving me well on my commute, I’ve taken it on a couple longer rides of 45 & 50 miles and been happy. No regrets!
BY Ian Price Hamby
June 13, 2013, 12:20pm
I was looking for a solid commuter and I found it. 11 speeds are plenty, the belt drive is awesome, so stealth. The frame, especially the welds have drawn praise. Now I’m looking for a trailer to haul my lazy dog with…so ready to quit driving.
BY Eric
February 19, 2013, 9:34pm
If a Gorilla, a Ninja, a Cheeta, and Chuck Norris were able to have a baby, they would name that baby Spot Acme Norris. At 6’4″ and 250 lbs, the Acme has been my daily ride for the last 2 years and has performed above expectations in all weather conditions. Being a big guy, I break stuff. I only had one minor problem with the internal Hub that resulted in Spot replacing it at no cost or unreasonable effort on my part (These folks are great). Other than that, I have wiped down the rotors once and she has been running like a champ since. Nice work! Can’t wait to buy my next bike from you. Eric
BY Van
February 19, 2013, 9:34pm
Dear Spot: I am thrilled to say I just took possession of my Spot Acme yesterday in Vancouver BC from Kissing Crows Cyclery. ( what a bike ) I must say both Drew Patterson – Sales at Spot and Josh – Owner Kissing Crows, were both fantastic to deal with. I originally contacted Drew thru Spot’s web site to ask for advice and delivery of an Acme, he could not have been more helpful we exchanged emails well beyond business hours.He then contacted Kissing Crows to let them know I would be calling and to ready to expedite my order. Within a little over 1 week I had my Acme. Josh was absolutely great with fitting my bike. I can highly recommend both with confidence to anyone, Spot and Kissing Crows, amazing customer service and what a great product, a winning combination. Thank you to both!!!
BY Ian Price
February 19, 2013, 9:32pm
What a great bike. For a year or so I’ve been thinking of putting together a bike like this one. But there’s no need. You’ve already done it. My only quibble is that it’s too pretty, but I can overlook that. The gear ratios (roughly 25 to 100 gear inches I think) are spot on. It’s light enough to overtake the occasional road bike too, if you don’t mind the puzzled looks. The Acme could also be a pretty good light tourer. Had a ride this Vancouver morning at 4 deg. C with an occasional drizzle. Brakes and Shimano shifter are easy to operate with winter gloves. No worries about grit on the rim brakes, chain and derailleur with this bike. A quick hose off at the end of the ride, and it’s like new. Thanks also to Kissing Crows Cyclery. Very helpful. They stock lots of goodies. And I was surprised that there is virtually no Canadian price “adjustment”. Thanks for putting together the right bike.